Free Day

Thank all for your prayers. They got us through yesterday and our final medical clinic. Many families came through the clinic, possibly close to 100. Lots of children that our group got to spend time playing with and loving on. Soccer games, coloring and painting nails were highlights.  Others of our group worked inside the clinic dispensing meds. That was  a great crew too! The movie “God’s Not Dead” was shown in spanish to the villagers and the Hermano Jesus again gave a powerful sermon.  Very powerful.  Villagers did give their life to Christ but in this village it was more subtle, not as outwardly displayed because in this village there can be persecution for following Jesus Christ. A handful physically came forward but many others sat in their chairs, heads bowed praying the salvation prayer. Pray for these people that they can live their lives for Christ without persecution.

Our final full day today has been spent doing odd jobs around the base and soon we will head to Antigua for a few hours of seeing the town and visiting the market. I can tell the kids are excited. They have worked very hard this week and are looking forward to today.

Final prayer requests: pray for our group tonight as we have our final devotion time together. It is sure to be a powerful night after all we have experienced this week. And prayers for safe travels tomorrow and that all goes as easy as it did on the way here.

Our week has been successful because of all of our prayer warriors.  We could not have done this without you all!! We have felt your prayers and words can’t express how thankful we are.  The lives of these kids have been impacted greatly and I can’t wait to see how they go forward spilling out even more of Jesus.

IN Him,



Please Pray!

Prayer warriors please continue to pray.  We are growing weary.  Yesterday we had a long drive toward the coastal village of Todo Santos for our first medical clinic.  It was very very hot and humid there. It took its toll on our team.  Many grew weary from the heat, we struggled as the Jesus film was shown in the village church which was a very hot building. Though many were not feeling well  prayer and our awesome God gave us strength and many villagers dedicated their lives for the first time or recommitted their lives to Jesus Christ.  We arrived back at base very late.

The group is an amazing group of kids.  They are working so hard to further the kingdom.  We do have some team members not feeling well.  Please pray their health is restored today.   Last night many struggled through the Jesus film because of the heat and long day. But we turned to God strength and He helped us through.  Many villagers were on their knees committing their lives for the first time or recommitting their lives to Christ.  Villagers were on their knees weeping and crying out to Jesus Christ. The kids were right beside them on their knees embracing these villagers, praying over them, weeping with them. Pray the villagers continue to know and seek our mighty God. The Holy Spirit was present and lives have been transformed. I was brought to tears watching our youth spilling out the love of Jesus Christ.

This morning the sun rises and a new day dawns.

Today will be our final clinic. The village is closer and the drive shorter, but the village is very large. Pray for all of us including the Paradise Bound leadership team. All are working very hard and it is taking its toll.  We do have a few team members who are not feeling well and are battling sickness.

I cry out to you our prayer warriors.  Pray often and pray BIG today! Pray for strength and for restored health.  Pray we can spill our the love of Jesus Christ one final time to these beautiful people of Guatemala.  Pray they find new hope in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Finally, pray that the enemy stay away and does not hinder us in any way today.






Today was dedication day and it is a day of VICTORY!!! We now have 15 new brothers and sisters in Christ that will will spend eternity with in heaven!! Praise God!! What an amazing day.  All of the families accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! God was with us today and we had the physical and emotional stamina to pray through 5 home dedications.  6 hours of life changing experiences for all.  Many of the students have said that will miss the people of the village of Tonajuyu. But that feeling of sadness turned to joy house by house knowing we will see these beautiful people again in Heaven!! These kids will have amazing stories to share when we return and the week is only half done!! Again, I am so lifted up by their energy! This team has experienced very special moments already and a bond has been made that will be there always. A bond formed because Jesus is living in their hearts and they are shining bright for HIM.  Many tears of joy shed today by all. Tears of humble joy knowing they have been a part of growing HIS KINGDOM.

Please continue covering us in prayer as tomorrow brings our first medical clinic. Please pray for safe travels and that more people will come to know and accept Jesus Christ.



p.s. a huge praise that for the 2 build days and dedication day we have had no rain! And this is the rainy season! Again, because we are covered in prayer!!! Thank you all you prayer warriors!


Homes Built!!

Day 2 of the build is done and 5 new home have been built! Yes, in two days!!! These kids are amazing.  I have been tasked with updating this team page, but writing is really not one of my strong gifts.  I will try my best to relay what my eyes have seen and heart has felt these last few days.  Our days have started early, 5:30 am wake up call. Leaving the base by 7 am for about a 45 minute drive to the village we are building in. It rained pretty hard Tuesday night and Wednesday morning commute was a little muddy up the mountains and a little slow, but God got us there!  By the end of yesterday 5 homes were taking shape. Framing done, drywall up and mudding done, porches put up. Relationships were beginning to take shape with the villagers as the kids brought a lot of energy that spilled over into the Guatemalan children. Lots of fun and laughter to be had.  Aside from all the fun, there was A LOT of hard work.  We were all very proud of all the team accomplished yesterday.  And a huge praise, the rains stayed away.

Today (Thurs.) we again had early wake up call and woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  Filled with God energy  the team headed back to the village to finish the houses.  Today was stucco day!  We all worked as one big team to stucco the 5 homes. And the rumors are true, teens and stucco equals LOTS of fun! Today I started to see many of our youth experience God in new ways.  I heard many comments on how beautiful this land and people are and how the Guatemalan people have so much JOY.  And I am beginning to see a new level of God joy within our team.  We are weary from the physical labor yet full of energy… the kind only our God provides.  Parents… you should all be very proud of the servant hearts your kids are showing.  In youth on Sunday nights we often tell then to spill out… well, they are spilling out big time! The light of Jesus Christ is shining so brightly through them.

The home have all been completed. The physical work is done in this village, but tomorrow brings more work.  The most important work, dedicating these homes to the families and praying they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and truly come to know that our God’s not dead, He’s truly alive!!! Please be in prayer for dedication day tomorrow. This will certainly be an emotional day for many. Your prayers are keeping us strong and we feel them!!

In Him,



We Have Arrived!

Team Lifestream has arrived!! Thank you all for covering the team in prayer. Our travels were without a hitch.  We are a bit tired but there is an air of excitement.  Having a light lunch to re-energize and tackling tasks at the base this afternoon. Unpacking, sorting meds, prepping games and toys for medical clinics.  Our journey is in full swing and tomorrow we will head to a village to begin the home building. Continue to cover the team in prayer, we feel them!! So thankful for all of our prayer warriors.  What an amazing group of kids! Can’t wait to see what God has in store this week.

In Him,